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How to make your Green Juicing Recipes Taste Better – Recipes Included

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Ahh…I remember my first days of Juicing. I came home excited to make my first batch of Green Juice Recipes.

I had no clue what I was doing or what the difference between a centrifugal or masticating Juicer was.

In fact I had never heard of either one. I had just finished reading the “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler and watching the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.”

I was excited to start Juicing and experiencing the many benefits it had to offer.

I was going to make some changes in my diet and get back into shape once and for all!

I ran out to Shinjuku, a major hub here in Tokyo and purchased a Juicer, some fruit and veggies and was on my way.

I quickly assembled my Juicer, prepared my Fruits and Veggies, Juiced them and was ready to take my first sip.

I gulped down my first green Juice and this is a reenactment of what happened.

Juicer Recipes


After the insides of my cheeks separated and blood starting flowing back to brain I realized I needed to make my Green Juice Recipes taste better or I wasn’t likely to stick to this Juicing Diet.

How I made my Green Juicing Recipes Taste so Delicious:

I began using combinations of the following in my Juicing Recipes:

I first choose a base vegetable such as kale, spinach, lettuce or a combination of them and combine it with.

  • Lemon Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Apple
  • Kiwi
  • Ginger
  • Leek
  • Garlic

I also experimented with different combinations of fruits and vegetables and used mild tasting  “green leafy vegetables” at first and worked my way up.

Info-graphic on how to “Juice Greens”

** If your primary goal is Fat Loss, limit the fruit in your Juices. Focus on lower glycemic fruits such as berries and use citrus Juices like lemon, lime, grapefruit and oranges in your Juicing Recipes**

Here are some of my favorite “Green Juicing Recipes”

Recipe #1

3-4 Kale Leaves

3-4 Romaine Leaves

Lemon Juice

Recipe #2Green Juices

3-4 handfuls of Spinach

Large Cucumber

3-4 Celery Stalks

Lemon Juice

Recipe #3

4-6 Celery stalks

Large Cucumber

1 Apple

Small piece of Ginger


I hope these tips help make your Juicing recipes taste better.  In addition to these tips, I thought it would be a good idea to ask my fellow Juice bloggers and friends how they make their green Juices taste better.  This is what they had to say.


If you’ve enjoyed this article I’d like to encourage you to read the entire series called “The Juicing Blueprint”. You’ll have access to a series of articles designed to get you started on Juicing the right way.


Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Hey Frank,

Good question!
I like to add just a little bit of ginger to counter some of the grassy taste, and you can also never go wrong with a few squeezes of lemon too.



Chris Ducker


Chris C. Ducker
Hi Frank,
With my green juices, I put in a little ginger to make them taste great! This might not be for everyone, but I’m a big fan of ginger, so tried it out and it seemed to take the edge off the leafy green’s very nicely, so stuck with it!






Girl on Raw

Robyn (GirlonRaw)

Robyn says,

I use Golden delicious apples;  or citrus (lemon/lime)




Juicing for Health

Sara says,

I find a base Vegetable and use Cilantro, Garlic, Leek, Onion or Ginger to “Complete the taste”
She also sent me a Link that goes into a little more detail.





Young and Raw


Young and Raw

Hi Frank! This is Ali, the young and raw resident holistic nutritionist. I love to add lemon, lime, ginger, apple, and even pear to juices to make them taste good. Pineapple is also good. Just be sure not to add too much fruit, because fruit juice is a little hard on the liver to process. I find that the sharpness of lemons and limes can really help any juice taste good :) Ali



I use carrots & beets;  I recommend pineapple, apples or grapes. Mint & parsley will freshen the taste & help ease digestion






Best for Juicing

Denise Jones


I’ve actually gotten quite used to the taste of green veggies like kale, spinach, collards and broccoli. I don’t actually need anything to make them taste better. I do tend to add things like celery, cucumber and apple though. I will try many different combinations though. I like to experiment with different flavors and this hasn’t always been a success. I tried onion juice once and it wasn’t very palatable (although it did clear my sinuses). Sometimes I’m in the mood for something sweet like pineapple, strawberries, blueberries etc. Other times I want something more savory like celery, garlic, bell pepper, basil. One thing I have a really hard time with is beetroot. I’ve tried mixing it with all kinds of different fruits/veggies and I just can’t stand to drink it with my regular juice. So these days I juice a pure beet juice in a shot glass and then follow it with a regular Juice chaser.




Rich Donahue


 I use an apple (red). I almost always have a cucumber thrown in too.






GoRaw2DayI always put lemons to cut the bitterness:)





Juicing for a change


John says,
I like to use Fuji apples (they are the sweetest on the apple scale) and lime. I have also used a little Stevia all natural sweetener but not as a habit.






Mike Griffin
Hey Frank
I always use a base of apple juice and just bring up the green stuff slowly. You can put a lot of spinach in but only a little Kale, Kale makes it bitter quickly. Oranges and Strawberries also make the flavor good. It is just a balancing act.
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If you’ve enjoyed this article I’d like to encourage you to read the entire series called “The Juicing Blueprint”. You’ll have access to a series of articles designed to get you started on Juicing the right way.


4 Responses to “How to make your Green Juicing Recipes Taste Better – Recipes Included”

  1. Rich Donahue says:

    Hi Frank,
    Great article. I’ve found that lots of people initially don’t like the idea of green juice, but find it agreeable after they actually taste it. It is the most nutritious for us. Maybe it’s the kid in us that doesn’t want to have veggies :-) I especially like recipe #2 you listed, it’s smooth!

  2. Hey Rich!

    Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked it. I’m trying to bring a lighter side to some of the articles. I’sd like to do more of these type of articles in the future. Thanks for contributing. Do you have a Recipe you would like to share? please feel free to do so in the comment section. Thanks for all the support as always. Talk to you soon


  3. CeeCee says:

    I have 4 weeks to meet a personal weight loss goal before an important event. I was so excited to try out my new juicer and I followed a recipe to the tee but the small beet root I put in over powered the whole mix. Now I am so disapointed but I don’t have the heart to throw it out. Is there a way to fix this? What can I blend so I can mix it with what I have? Uggghhh!!! .HELP!

  4. Can you try using a smaller piece? Try using a little more of something you like. Just be careful not to use anything to sugary if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s important to experiment a little with your Juicing Recipes. Don’t get discouraged and please don’t give up.


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