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Bella NUTRIPRO “Cold Press Juicer” Juicer Review

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If you’re in the market for a new Juicer, I’d like to bring your attention to the Bella NutriPro Juicer.

The folks over at Bella Nutripro reached out to me and asked me if I would write a review of their:

Bella NutriPro “Cold Press Juicer”

**I would like to disclose to you that I did receive this Juicer in exchange for a unbiased review of this Juicer.**

Bella Nutripro Juicer

The Bella Juicer is a Masticating “Cold Press Juicer”


I would say the number one pro for the Bella Juicer is that it is a quality “cold press Juicer

Masticating “Cold Press Juicer” – Cold Press Juicers sometimes referred to as Slow Juicers produce the most nutrient dense Juice.

“Cold press Juicers, like the Bella NutriPro, compress fruits and vegetables to extract the Juice from each, while centrifugal machines use fast-spinning, heat-generating blades to pulverize produce into Juice. Juicing for health with either type of machine is a great idea, but cold press Juicers, like the NutriPro, will yield more fresh Juice with more nutrients than centrifugal devices.

Cold press Juicing allows more liquid to be extracted from each fruit and vegetable than centrifugal Juicing machines. Cold press Juicing may also be referred to as “slow Juicing.” But “slow” is a misleading term. It simply means that the process of making the Juice is more thorough. The NutriPro uses a single pressing auger in the processing bowl to first crush, then compress, as much juice as possible from your favorite produce.

Because the NutriPro doesn’t have blades or heat up to operate, the cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables you juice is not destroyed. The cold press method generates more vitamin-dense, richer-colored juice than a centrifugal Juicer.”

Upgrading to the Bella Juicer has made a huge difference in my Juices. Previously, I was using a lower quality centrifugal Juicer that was ok for Juicing citrus and carrots, however, it did a poor job of Juicing greens.

The Nutripro Juicer provides a higher Juice yield and a better tasting Juice.

Vertical Design – I have a small kitchen with limited counterspace so the vertical design works well for me. The stainless steel body is also a much better alternative to lower quality plastic Juicers that may break easily.

Quiet – The Bella Juicer is really quiet and a nice reprieve from my previous two  Juicers.

“BELLA NutriPro’s cold-press technology is quieter than standard Juicers and blenders. So, you can make yourself fresh orange Juice for breakfast without worrying about waking anyone up. And, with no spinning blades, it’s safer too”

Easy to Clean- I find the Nutripro to be easy to clean.  It is also dishwasher safe.

Assembly/Disassembly- The Bella Juicer is easy to put back together after cleaning and all the parts align very well.

“The BELLA NutriPro has very few parts and is easy to clean. Simply rinse with water between Juicing recipes. When you are done, the removable parts go in the dishwasher. And, there are no sharp blades to worry about when you wash and assemble your juicer.”

Budget – The Nutripro seems to be a great value as it is priced well.

5 Year Warranty.

Includes:juicer reviews

  • Recipe Booklet
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Manual
  • Easy Juicing Color Wheel
  • To-Go Cup


Firm produce (such as carrots) needs to be cut into smaller pieces due to the feed chute being a little smaller than what I’m used to.

It may jam up if you put firm, whole produce into the chute.  A few more quick dices and chops will solve this problem.

When I used the reverse switch located on the handle, it caused the lid to become loose.

I thought the pulp extraction opening could be slightly bigger.

The cons were minimal and more an issue of me getting used to a new and different Juicer.


I’ve been using the Nutripro for a little over two weeks and it is a significant upgrade over the centrifugal Juicer I was using previously.

The Bella Juicer provides a higher Juice yield and nutrient dense Juices.  It has been a pleasure to use.

I’m looking forward to many more healthy Juices in the future.

If you want to start Juicing and you’re not sure how to get started, then check out my “Juicing Blueprint”… Step by Step plan to get you started with Juicing.






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